Life really changes when you act in the direction your “heart” want


After all, just choosing the direction that your “mind” wants
and “acting” in that direction can really change your life!

Wherever you like …
When you like …
With favorite person ,,,
You can do whatever you want.

I couldn’t even imagine this kind of life a couple of years ago.

I was longing it, but I didn’t think it would happen soon.

Now, looking back, all the answers were inside me.

I knew everything about “What should I do?”

This is not because I am special,
but you have the “power” too,
and you can change your life as you wish.

If you’re not doing well now,
you just don’t believe in that power.

I don’t mean to say “What’s the right way to live!”

I think you have the answer
and you only have to follow your “heart” to get there.

Now, it seems that you don’t have to think “this should be!”
That “thinking” driven by common sense in school education,
values ​​received from parents, and information from the media.

I was convinced when I went to Denmark.

My life is still evolving.

What I can say for sure now is that if you correct your posture
and “concentrate on the moment,” you will get an “answer” to make you happy.

I think,
the number of people who can understand such feelings is increasing.

Recognizing that you live with different values ​​will surely increase your happiness.

At first glance, it may seem “worst things”
I needed it in my life program.
And I could grow.

I understand now.