The correct answer is to live as you want!


I used to say, “Write out your dreams!”
But now, I will say another side.

When I say this,,,

You may be thought,
“It ’s different from what you said before!”

The guy who writes out his dream, he realizes it.
because he likes it.

If you find it worthwhile to do your best,
you could just do your best!

On the other hand,
if you stop doing your hard work, and want to relax slowly,
you could do that.

I think that, they are both correct.

And the answer is,,,

Whether you can choos what you want from your hart?
This is the most inportant.

Previously, I like the way of “going hard”,
and I have been flocked with such friends.

But I know there are another guys who lives a different way.

You don’t have to impose your own values ​​to another guy.
Because another guys see the world with different values.

So ,,,

So-called “success” does not always be happy.

If we could recognize such a different of life,
we will make more people happy.

The definition of “success” is depend on people’s values.

The environment that surrounds instill a common sense values, you will be thought worthless without “succeed”.

Usually, values of the “success” often involved a marketing strategy designed to consume something. .

In fact, many media are commissioned by advertisers.

Certainly, there are actually people who lives in pursuit of “success” feel the best happiness,
and they live in “now”.

Some people set their goals in the future, postpone their enjoyment, and do not live “now”.

Is it really happy?

Also, is the result you want now what you really want?

Isn’t this a desire for “borrowed” planted in someone?

Or is it a desire imprinted on the media?

In addition, imprinting is performed from the goodwill of parent education and school education. .

This is awkward, as it is done with good intentions! !

It may be better to doubt everything once.

In particular, what is said to be “common sense” may be a psychological factor that keeps your happiness away. . .