“Don’t look for traces of the old man, but for what the old man wants.”


At the beginning,
“Don’t look for traces of the old man, but for what the old man wants.”
Is the words of Basho Matsuo.
I have been interested in martial arts since childhood,
I have continued I quest, to my degrees.
My current physical level and technical level are
It’s just about maintaining health, but …
To think about martial arts as a way of life,
I have invested time, effort and money.
as a result,
I have unravel it.
* I think this is the best truth now
And ,,,
Martial artists who existed in the past has wanted to,,,
“What did they want?”
I became interested in that.
From now on, what I will write and go
Unlike the common sense of the world, they may be criticized.
But …
I think what I have learned and experienced is useful.
* Maybe there is a mistake or it might be a terrific answer.
I want to write down with my thought “Towards the world”.
First of all, most people thought martial arts is how to kill people,
But, the ultimate of Japanese martial arts is
“Creating a world of love without conflict”.
And ,,,
It also means “become one with God in yourself.”
This idea is the same as Yagi Saya’s “JIBUN-Business”.
By working with “iner-god”, “JIBUN Business” expands.
I think it is important to take the viewpoint of “self-god” first.
This is also written down by Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido.
You have to stand on “Amenoukihashi” first.
Otherwise, “Aiki” doesn’t come out. ”
(“Amenoukihashi” is something like the floating bridge of heaven)
(“Aiki” is something like the ”Force” of Star Wars) 

I think “Stand on Amenoukihashi first” means,
we will have to be standing on where “Izanagi” and “Izanagi”
(God of Creation) standed, first.
It also says “first.”
If I translate this into the “JIBUN Business” style,
Stand with the “iner- God” (God of Creation).
I can be called a view of religion,

The idea of ​​“JIBUN Business” that connects business with God is,,,

I believe that it will bring peace and prosperity to this world.
And ,,,

I believe that ideas of Japanese martial arts is same with ideas of “JIBUN Business”.
Especially the “words (word spirits)” left by the founder Morihei Ueshiba of Aikido,
it will help to understand it, and it will spread throughout the world.