Because people are “afraid to shine!”, They choose themselves at a lower level.


Within you, there are infinite possibilities and infinite potential sealed.

You have the ability to awaken this, emit a wonderful glow
and relieve many people of anxiety.

Yet, they feel anxious about emitting their own shine.

Why do many people choose a lower level of self?
What is that anxiety?
Why are you afraid to be different from others?

You are the only being, and you are unique just be alive.

And you are different from around you.

I think that you should express “freely” without fear of different parts from others.

The word “freedom” is “cause by oneself”, it meen living with own values.

And it is in accordance with nature’s providence.

It is different from “selfish”.
You can live more “free”.
And living your life is your purpose this time.
I got such a message.
Hopefully this message will help you read this.

To earn income from own life work by making own shine is ”JIBUN Business”.

And I want to show how to do it to the world.